50 Cent Called the ‘G.O.A.T’ after ‘SNL’ Skit Pokes Fun at His Feud with Ja Rule

Now “SNL” has gotten into the 50 Cent, Ja Rule feud.

Over the weekend, during the show’s popular news skit, cast member Colin Jost mentioned that Fif bought 200 tickets to Ja’s show to keep the front row empty.

50 Cent Posted "SNL's" Skit On Ja Rule

Jost also poked fun at the Murder Inc. rapper and suggested that very few people would be interested in one of his concerts, which is pretty much the same thing 50 has been saying.

“Ironically, two hundred tickets to a Ja Rule concert costs exactly fifty cents,” said Jost.


The G-Unit boss then shared the post on his Instagram page and posed a question to his 21 million followers.

“What I do now?” he asked. “Get the strap.”

From there, a lot of people said they loved 50’s ticket buying prank, but he should’ve done more.

“You should’ve went and just booed that n—-,” one person wrote.

“You could have brought the whole arena [so] Ja Rule [would] be performing for himself,” another person suggested.

“I would’ve donated them to a senior citizen,” wrote someone else.

It seems the “SNL” diss also made it back to Ja, who responded with two posts. One of them showed footage of a recent concert where a lot of women were screaming. One of the ladies even threw a bra on stage.

“Haha, now this is what a Ja Rule show feels like,” wrote the “Put It On Me” rapper. “Hey ladies, thanks for the support.”

Then in his second response, Ja uploaded a photo of himself performing in San Antonio and said the crowd dissed 50.

“San Antonio was all the way live last night,” he wrote. “Thanks for the love. Oh, and the f— @50cent chant was a pleasant surprise.”

You can see Ja’s concert video below.


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