Tory Lanez Criticizes Joseline Hernandez For Making It Seem Like They’re a Couple: ‘Only Knew Shorty For Like 10 Hours’

Last month a steamy photo posted by “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” former cast member Joseline Hernandez showed her and Tory Lanez looking more than comfortable with each other. Soon afterward, many observers began to believe they were a couple, and the picture was their way of making an announcement.

But Tory said nothing could be further from the truth, and he and Joseline aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.

In fact, the Canadian born-artist said he only knew the reality star for a handful of hours when the photo was taken and that’s it. The picture was snapped at Joseline’s house when she invited Tory to go swimming.

Tory Lanez Responds To Rumor About Dating Joseline Hernandez On Hot 97


“Oh no. Don’t do that,” said Tory when Ebro asked if he and Joseline were an item. “She invited me over there to go swimming one day. It was the first day that I met her. I went over there, we went swimming, it was cool. They was taking some pictures. I’m not going to lie. I was drunk, bro’. She was like ‘You want to take a picture.’ I was like ‘Yeah’ … But that’s Tory, that’s me, I do sh– like that, but I ain’t know to the extent the world was going to take it.”

The Canadian singer said he believed Joseline saw the photo was getting a big reaction and made it seem like they were dating to get attention for herself. But Tory said he won’t talk bad about her, yet he doesn’t understand why she tried to keep the rumor going. 

“At the end of the day, I can’t make it seem like what she said made it any better,” he explained. “Like the whole extra sh– she was doing when I was going on tour, saying like, ‘I can’t wait for you to come back 21 days’ and all of this extra sh–. Like I said, I don’t have any problem against her, but I only knew shorty for like 10 hours at this point.”

Joseline hasn’t responded to the interview yet, but she may very well do that soon.

You can watch the conversation about her below at the 13:20 mark.

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