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Danity Kane Says Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Didn’t Really Care About Their Group: ‘Puff Cared About Himself’

After having a very public falling out, Danity Kane has reunited with three members out of the original five. Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex reunited while D. Woods and Aundrea Fimbres still aren’t in the group.

The three ladies talked about getting back together in a recent interview, as well as their future plans and “Sean Diddy Combs” signing them on the third season of “Making the Band.”

They also said Diddy really didn’t care whether their group was successful or not. 

Danity Kane Said Sean "Diddy" Combs Really Didn't Care About Their Group

(Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex, left to right. Instagram)

“Puff didn’t care about us being a successful group,” Bex told the Daily Buzz. “He cared about the TV show … He wasn’t thinking about what’s best for this group. He was like ‘I’m going to do what’s best for me.’”

“Puff cared about himself and his pockets,” O’Day chimed in with Richard nodding in agreement.

Bex then said “Making the Band” was bittersweet since Diddy brushed them off but still got them through industry doors.

“We’re sitting here together and the sisterhood we have and the creativity that we’ve all forged as individuals and groups, we wouldn’t have that path [if it wasn’t for Diddy,]” she explained.

Richard stayed quiet when it came to blasting the music mogul, but she did talk about getting Danity Kane back together. If you recall, Richard got into a fight with O’Day and punched her during a nasty dispute.

“I think people think women are just supposed to get along and everything,” said Richard. “No. What girl group do you know?”.

“Even the best of them are going to fight and some things are not going to be the right way and some things are not,” she added. “We are culturally different. Our ages are different. We were born in different states. We were raised differently. We were picked out of the show. We were strangers. The fact that we still have this, that’s work.”

You can see a portion of their interview below.

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