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Usher Reportedly Concerned As New Details Emerge About Ongoing Herpes Case

Usher wants the details of his herpes lawsuit kept secret because of his career.

Bossip reports that the Atlanta based singer filed a motion for a gag order so all of the information in his case against Laura Helm will be kept under wraps. Helm sued Usher in April of this year and accused him of giving her herpes simplex virus 2 when they had unprotected sex.

Usher Asked Judge In Herpes Case For A Gag Order


According to Usher, if the in-and-outs of the case were revealed, it could damage his reputation, as well Helm’s and anyone who was called as a witness. The 40-year-old crooner also said he’s concerned that news publications will exploit the details of the case for financial gain.

The former “Voice” coach claimed that he tried to contact his accuser at one point to discuss getting the gag order in place, but he and his legal team were unsuccessful.

Plus, the divorced dad attempted to get his gag order request sealed, but the judge said court records should be made available to the public and didn’t see how doing otherwise would affect Usher’s career or reputation.

Helm is just one of several women who’s accused Usher of knowingly exposing them to herpes simplex. In fact, last year, Radar Online reported that he settled with a celebrity stylist for 1.1 million after she discovered she was infected with the disease.

That accuser’s name has never been revealed, and Usher has yet to deny or confirm any of the accusations. The judge is also still deciding if the gag order will be issued or not.

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