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‘Unfollow Me’ T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Hits Back at Trolls

Deyjah Harris is use to receiving much praise on her posts, but when one fan thought she over-edited her picture, she had some words in response. On Friday, Harris shared a photo of her looking glamorous in a pink matching sweat suit. In her caption she wrote, “pretty in pink💓 outfit: @meshki shoes: @_curtisdre.”

Deyjah Harris

One fan thought the picture was over edited and that Harris doesn’t need all the filters. “Sis the picture over filtered and light can’tant see the “pink”.”

Harris replied, “well it is “pink”.”

The fan wasn’t done with her and responded again, “take the filters down a notch baby girl. You already pretty enough.”

Harris then decide to shut the fan up, “baby you will need to talk to the phototgrapher because I didn’t do any filters or anything on here. More importantly, this is MY  page and if I felt as though it was too much, I wouldn’t have posted it. therefore I won’t be taking anything down a notch and if you do not like it, you can unfollow and/or block me so that you no longer have to see my “overly filtered pictures”. have a blessed day.”

Harris is sometimes critiqued, but ordinarily, she receives love from her followers.  On Tuesday, Harris shared a photo to Instagram of her rocking a brown velvet two-piece. One fan commented, “Absolutely gorgeous.”

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