50 Cent Clowns Michael Blackson’s Rainbow Colored Sneakers: ‘Put My Son Shoes Back’

Michael Blackson is the latest victim of 50 Cents ribbing.

Yesterday, the G-Unit rapper clowned the comedian for wearing rainbow-colored sneakers. Blackson sported them at a recent Philadelphia 76ers game and matched them with a multicolored jacket.

50 Cent Clowned Michael Blackson Over His Colorful Sneakers


“@michaelblackson put my son shoes back,” wrote Fif, referring to Tekashi 6ix9ine who he calls his son and uses rainbow colors as part of his brand. “What the f—. Lol.”

50 then posted a close-up shot of the sneakers and teased Blackson again. “These are a no go,” he wrote. “l like the brand but what the f— is this, man. Nah. Get the strap.”

Tekashi eventually weighed in on the teasing and playfully told Fif to leave his name out of it. The 22-year-old rapper and 50 have developed quite the relationship over the past several months, and both maintain much of their Internet presence by trolling others.

“You could of just said no you not getting them,” wrote Tekashi in the comments section. “Didn’t have to expose me.”

Blackson hasn’t responded to the “21 Questions” rapper directly, but he did joke about quitting Instagram due to all the chatter surrounding his shoes.

“I’m deleting my page,” he wrote next to a split image of himself and a rainbow-colored sheep that he probably Photoshopped.

Blackson also posted another picture of himself greeting Lil Uzi Vert at the Sixers game and took the opportunity to poke fun at his outfit again.

“If @liluzivert is supporting breast cancer awareness wtf am I supporting with this skittles outfit?” he joked.


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