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Young Dolph Picks An Ultra Creative Video For the First Winner of His ‘That’s Major Challenge’

Just like he promised, Young Dolph announced the first winner of his “That’s Major Challenge.”

To enter, people have to record themselves doing something interesting to the rapper’s new song “Major,” whether it be dancing, rapping or acting something out. The contest will run for four weeks long, and Dolph said he’ll pick a new winner every week.

Young Dolph Picks First Winner of "That's Major" Challenge


His first winner goes by the name of Jeff Shelley, who put together a video of a rapper who lives a hip-hop high lifestyle, only to get exposed as a fake at the very end.

In the beginning of the clip, Shelly uses a stuffed tiger that looks kind of real due to the quick way it was shot. He also runs around with an incredibly high stack of plastic cups, money in his pocket and a woman who gyrates beside him.

But you can’t tell the video is a parody until the end, which is part of it’s creativity. The first week’s winner also seemed to put some work in the clip and didn’t just slap it together.

As for Shelly, he’s turned into a mini-internet celebrity and received tons of congratulations. His clip has also been seen over 500,000 times, so there’s a chance he’ll be able to parlay this into something good for himself.

“Proud of you my boy. Keep pushing all the way to the top,” one of his followers wrote.

“That’s trill big, bro. “We rooting for you in the H Town” wrote another. “Keep that sh–  going.”

The final winner of the challenge will receive a new camouflage Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. You can see the video of the first week winner below.

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