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Young Dolph to Give Away New Car to One Lucky Winner of ‘That’s Major’ Challenge

Young Dolph said he’s going to give a new camouflage Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to the first place winner of his “That’s Major Challenge.”

The challenge surrounds his new single “Major,” and people have to upload a video of themselves doing something to the accompaniment of the song. Dolph said they can dance, do a skit, whatever, as long as they caption their video with the hashtag #ThatsMajorChallenge hashtag.

Young Dolph To Give Away Dodge Challenger In That's Major Challenge

The Memphis rapper also said the contest will go on for one month, and he’ll pick a new winner each week. But the first place winner won’t be the only person who will get something, the runner-up and third-place contestants will win something too.

“The first three weeks, the winner, I’ma camouflage y’all car to look just like mine. I’ll send my guys there to camouflage y’all car no matter where you at,” said Dolph in a clip explaining the challenge. “The No. 1 winner, I’ma let the first three winners battle. I got a Hellcat Challenger that I ain’t never camouflage yet. I’ma camouflage that Challenger Hellcat, and I’ma give it to the No. 1 winner.”

So far people have gotten pretty creative with their videos. One man used the challenge to drive around and give food to the homeless, which Dolph recognized on his Instagram page.

“You gonna have good karma and be blessed forever, little bro. That’s major.” 

Another video shows someone who first acts like a professional businesswoman, only to turn into a gun-toting gangster seconds later.

There’s also a guy doing a pretty cool dance routine in front of Dolph’s childhood home, which seemed to baffle the rapper.

“This n—- hard with the dance moves,” wrote Dolph. “But how the f— that n—- find the house I grew up in in the background?”

You can see one of the videos below.

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