‘Looking Just Like Dolph’: 9-Year-Old Son of Late Rapper Young Dolph Launches ‘King Of Memphis’ Clothing Line Nearly Two Years After His Father’s Death

Rapper Young Dolph’s son Tre Tre Thornton appears to have some of the same hustle that his dad had when he was alive.

The 9-year-old’s father was murdered nearly two years ago, and now he has recently launched his King of Memphis clothing line to mark Dolph’s 38th birthday.

The young boy’s mother, Mia Jaye, took to her Instagram to share how proud she was of her son’s accomplishment and the challenges the young man has faced since losing his “hero.”

Late rapper Young Dolph's son, Tre launched his own clothing line called King of Memphis.
Late rapper Young Dolph’s son, Tre, launched his own clothing line called King of Memphis. (Photo: iammiajaye/Instagram)

She wrote, “I’m actually proud of both of my children and how they have been growing through their hurt, pain and grief… The journey hasn’t been peaches and cream… and we have actually had some rough times especially with Tre being a young boy losing his hero.”

Adding, “But by leaning into our village and connecting Tre with an amazing mentor/coach @empowermma Tre’s journey took a turn for the best.”

Elaborating on the matter, Tre’s mother explained that channeling his profound emotions into the realm of artistic expression instead of yielding to anger or inappropriate behavior is a noteworthy milestone in Tre’s personal growth.

Recognizing the pivotal role the community has played in guiding him toward this creative outlet, Jaye has wholeheartedly embraced the role of being Tre’s most vocal advocate. actively encourages those who stood by his father to extend their support toward Tre’s “creative expression and vision as he pays honors to his father.”

Young Dolph was murdered in his hometown on Nov. 17, 2021, after leaving his favorite bakery, Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies shop. An international rap star and local hero, his death vibrated throughout the hip-hop community and impacted many.

Fans commented on the post, showing their support.

“He about to take over the world, you can see it in his eyes.”

“Baby Dolph ‘told my son when I’m gone , you gon be a rich…’”

“Looking just like Dolph.’

“Boy in the chair! Yoooooooo…the throne awaits. This is what it’s all about. Let those losers watch from a distance, and be MORE jealous and envious.”

Young Dolph was a businessman and CEO of Paper Route Empire Records. He has also invested in real estate and a popular line of snacks called “Makks.” Dolph and his fiancé were together for 10 years and also share a daughter, Aria Ella Thorton, who also has her own fashion line, The Aria Collection.

The clothing line is part of Jaye’s “Black Men Deserve To Grow Old” brand, which is rooted in preserving the lives of Black men, with 25 percent of all profit going towards a fund to help other families impacted by violence. 

But Tre Tre and Aria are not the only nepo baby with a clothing line that honors a deceased father.

Angela Simmons’ son Sutton Joseph Tennyson is the “CEO” of the We Are Giants. The company has unisex clothing stores out of Los Angeles and Brooklyn called Little Giants | Giant Shorties.

She used her social media to mark the important moment when Young Sutton embraced his namesake’s legacy of becoming a boss — just like his dad, who was fatally shot outside his Atlanta home in 2018.

Simmons wrote on Instagram, “My baby is a young CEO. His father was sure to leave him behind something he can grow with. My son loves making money (hustling). It’s in his blood. It’s time to finally give him what’s his! Your son gets the torch now.”

A video on Simmons’ profile shows Young Sutton’s store bustling with multiple brands for sale. Tre Tre’s business is booming too. After selling out in the pre-sale, the King of Memphis has restocked.

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