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Ray J Defends Kanye West’s Support of Donald Trump: ‘We Always Wanted To Be In the Room’

It may seem like everyone has cancelled Kanye West after he began supporting Donald Trump, but there’s at least one person who still rides for him.

Ray J stopped by BBC Radio 1Xtra and said he thought Kanye’s relationship with Trump is a good thing. He also talked about the rapper’s recent visit to The White House.

Ray J Defended Kanye West's Support of Donald Trump

“I think he has a lot of great relationships that can help the African-American community,” said Ray J. “He’s in the room now. We always wanted to be in the room, so if you’re talking to the president, personally that’s a big move, that’s a big step. So I respect that.”

More than likely, the “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star probably isn’t the first person you’d think of when it comes to defending Kanye. That’s because he taunted the Chicago rhymer over his past relationship to Kim Kardashian and even put out the single “Hit It First” in 2013.

But regardless, Ray said that he supports what Ye is doing in relation to Trump, as long as it produces positive results for Black people.

“Making change is the most important thing,” explained the singer, actor and reality star. “So if change is made through those relationships then it’s thumbs all the way up. The opportunity is big.”

Charlamagne Tha God is another person who wants people to ease up on Kanye. But not because he likes his relationship with Trump, it’s because the rapper admitted to battling mental health issues. The Hot 97 host also said he’s baffled why everyone takes Ye so seriously.

“I can’t even take anything that he’s saying serious. He’s clearly telling us that something is wrong,” said Charlamagne. “So it’s like, why are we putting so much stock in anything that’s coming out of his mouth when he’s telling us something is wrong?”

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