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Naturi Naughton Has Fans Buzzing Over Photo with Her On-Screen Foe Kanan

Naturi Naughton may be singing the praises of “Power” executive producer 50 Cent but she’s made it clear her on-screen character still isn’t fond of the guy the rapper used to portray on the series.

On Monday, Oct. 29, Naughton posed alongside 50 as he directed his first episode of the hit Starz show.

“Y’all ain’t ready! @50cent directorial debut @power_starz #Season6 💪🏾💪🏾 #brooklyn #setlife #RIPKanan #TashaIsHappyTho 😜🤣,” the former 3LW member wrote in the caption.

Naturi Naughton


One of the telling hashtags she included says “Tasha Is Happy Tho,” remarking on how her character Tasha St. Patrick is pleased that 50’s Kanan Stark met his demise during last season during a shootout with the New York Police Department.

Tasha’s happiness stems from getting vengeance for Kanan befriending her wayward son whom she shares with Ghost, Tariq, and corralling him into the world of drug trafficking. When a dirty cop is on the hunt for Tariq, he winds up shooting and killing his twin sister.

But there’s no ill will between the stars in real life. In fact, Kanan’s death has freed up 50 to take on more behind-the-scenes work, as he explained to Deadline in August.

“It allows me to stay involved as an executive producer and expand on the other projects I have on the network at the present moment and get them up and running,” he said. “I’m looking at what I’m going to do with “Black Mafia Family,” what I’m going to do with other shows. I’ve talked about them but I haven’t actually had the time to have the writers’ room opened and move further with those. It also provides me with the ability to direct 603. I’ve traveled to the writers’ room since they been in there working on next season and developing 603.”

Meanwhile, fans have commented on the MC’s photo op with his former co-star.

“Wait till ghost sees this pic… you in trouble girl.”

“Tasha you hate Kanan for goodness sake wtf you holding him for?”

“Love this pic.”

“Tasha I knew you and Kanan were old friends.😍😍😍”

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