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Joe Budden Slams Misogyny Accusations as ‘Fake Outrage’ After Heated Debate With Scottie Beam Over Celebrity Sex Book

Joe Budden and Scottie Beam sparked a heated debate among the sexes after they had it out on their show “State of The Culture.”

Their discussion centered around the Instagram model Brittany Renner and her tell-all book “Judge This Cover,” where she wrote about sleeping with celebrities but used code names. After a while, however, rumors surfaced that the men in the book were people like Drake, Trey Songz and Colin Kaepernick.

Joe Budden Called Misogynist After Debate With Scottie Beam


On Budden’s side, he thought it was wrong for Renner to release the book and because Beam thought otherwise, he called her a man-hater.

“You want me to be mad at Brittany Renner for what?” asked Beam.

“No, I want y’all to say I’m just as sensible as you do on every other show when a man is doing f–k sh– and you want to kill all the men, you want to lock up all the men, you want to do everything to men. You don’t want to do nothing to women. That is my problem with this fake woman empowerment bullsh– … Who hurt you?”

Afterward, Beam said rappers have been talking about their sexual escapades for decades, so Renner should be able to do the same.

The rapper Freddie Gibbs weighed in on the conversation later on, and he sided with Budden. “Real sh–, Joe,” he wrote.

From there, both rappers were called misogynists, which Gibbs didn’t take kindly to. He also said defending Budden has to do with their friendship more than anything else. 

“It’s crazy to believe y’all would have to downgrade women in order to find brotherhood among yourself,” someone wrote. “The sexist undertones in everything you’ve said, it’s very clear on how you feel about women.”

“With all due respect my dear, shut the f–k up,” Gibbs wrote back. “I been f—–’ with this n—- Joe since he was a rapper, lol. My love for him has nothing to do with this post.”

A lot of men agreed with Budden as well, while the women praised Beam for standing her ground. Some also said the “Love & Hip-Hop” star was being dismissive by assuming his co-host was defending the tell-all book because she was hurt by a man.

Budden responded when fans called him misogynistic.

“Fam knock it off….there’s nothing misogynistic about arguing with your friend…I don’t care about your fake outrage,” the rapper said.

You can see a portion of the debate below.

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