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It’s a Girl: Why Porsha Williams Didn’t Look So Happy at Gender Reveal Party

Porsha Williams and fiancé Dennis McKinley are no doubt excited about welcoming their first child together in the next several months. But fans noticed Williams didn’t appear pleased at the time of the gender reveal. Yet the reason why may not be what you’d expect.

“Dish Nation” producer and writer Bianca Haly captured the moment that the expectant parents and their party guests let the pink confetti fly to reveal Williams is having a baby girl. But Williams, who sported a blue and pink ombré hair, was noticeably upset once her confetti was released. She waved her arms around and scrunched her face up as the crowd cheered.

Fans definitely took notice.

“Why they look pissed?”

“Lol wth she’s spazzing 😂”

“I think she wanted a boy.”

“Ya he doesn’t look the least bit happy then you got her throwing a fit about her confetti not working 🙄”

“Y is she upset? Was it suppose to be blue? lol.”

“Girl stop pouting!!!”

Meanwhile, some fans wondered if twins could be on the way because of the blue confetti.

“I am confused is she having twins a girl and boy because hers comes out blue.”

“@glitters0143 thats what I was wondering too Cause I saw blue as well. Maybe they are having twins…”

But one explained why they think Williams was actually upset.

“I think her cannon had blue confetti by mistake because u can see it in the sea of pink. I think thats why porsha got upset. Wrong cannon color.”

Even still, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star made it clear in subsequent posts on her own Instagram page that she was delighted by the revelation.

“💞#TeamGirl won! My little PJ is on her way! 🎀 #GenderReveal #BabyMcKinley 🙏🏾 Poppers: @superiorcelebrations #SuperiorCelebrations,” she said in one post.

“HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY🎀🤸🏾‍♀️ #MiniPrincessPorsha,” Williams captioned another video of her dancing excitedly while rubbing her stomach.


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