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Chuck D Has Scathing Words For Donald Trump And His Followers: ‘This is the Devil’

Public Enemy’s Chuck D called out Donald Trump for threatening to close the Southern U.S border to migrants and asylum seekers. He also tweeted something to his followers.

“This is the devil anyway you frame it,” wrote the rapper. “He is the king devil. If you voted for him you wear that badge too.”

Chuck D Blasted Donald Trump and His Followers On Social Media


Of course, the political debate began instantly and some used sarcasm to disagree with the rap legend. For example, one person suggested he use his own residence to house some of the migrants. Others, meanwhile, used a more serious tone to explain themselves. 

“If the country has 7000 plus unapproved and unidentified people about to invade, it is a matter of public safety that the border is closed until the government can restore order and find a solution,” tweeted one Trump supporter. “If they can just walk in, what makes you think our enemies won’t do the same?”

“What enemies?” someone replied. “Enlighten me. Who are the enemies who will just walk across the borders?”

Last week Trump told those traveling from Central America to turn back and apply for citizenship, which instantly drew wide criticism.

“To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally,” he tweeted. “Go back to your country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing.”

“I am pretty sure Mr. President, if you know the constitution, you cannot apply for the United States citizenship outside the U.S.,” someone wrote back. “I think you meant they need to apply for visas maybe? And the last time I checked, asylum seeking wasn’t illegal. You should know this, man.”

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