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Masika Kalysha and Bow Wow’s Ex Kiyomi Battle It Out In Full Fledged Twitter War, And Fans are Here for All of It

The drama between “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast-mates Masika Kalysha and Kiyomi flew out of control after the two exchanged verbal jabs on social media Friday evening.

The beef between Kalysha and Kiyomi started after rapper Bow Wow sent the former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star a few flirty tweets during the airing of “GUHH” on Thursday.

Masika Kalysha

(L; Masika, Bow Wow R; Kiyomi/Instagram)

The latest episode of the We TV series centered around Kalysha feeling some type of way towards Bow Wow not communicating with her over a period of time. She assumed it had something to do with Kiyomi who was the rapper’s girlfriend at the time.

Nevertheless, a “GUHH” viewer tweeted Kalysha and blasted her for speaking on Kiyomi’s name during the episode when the two women never filmed together. The mother of one clapped back all why shading Kiyomi, “When u mindin yo business & u never heard of a B***h but she so insecure & jealous of u that she talks about u 25/8 bts & tells @smoss goofy a** he can’t film with u & she too scared to film w u too, but ur in Atlanta the whole summer & production asks u to talk about it #fixedit.”

The “Wildin Out” dancer caught word of “Masika’s” disses and fired back, “You better keep it cute for Shad Moss tell you the REAL REASON he entertains you. You go on a whole show talkin bout me nobody “insecure” you have nothing I want or need in life.”

Kiyomi also told Kalysha that her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow was “pillow talking” to both of them and blamed him for the reason they’re feuding.

“Lmao it’s crazy that the nigga who was pillow talking w/ me about the next bitch… is now pillow talking bout the next bitch about me..”


The two continued to go back-and-forth on Twitter for several hours, but Kalysha took their beef to another level after leaking screenshots of she and Bow Wow’s texts discussing his relationship with Kiyomi, which she later deleted. In the text messages, Bow Wow called his ex-girlfriend a psycho, homeless and claimed she was insecure when it came to Masika.

Kiyomi ended the Twitter debacle with, “Whew the delusional f**k sh**.”

Kalysha, on the other hand, had more to say and wrote, ” It’s always a B***h using a nigga to create a ‘storyline’ involving ME to get they 1st year on tv & $500 an episode to talk shit on Twitter but run in real life. Bitches wanna be famous 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Fans soaked up all the juicy gossip between Kalysha and Kiyomi’s social media storm and shared their reactions regarding the incident.

“I watched the episode…Masika talked about that girl the entire episode 🤦🏽‍♀️ and was so thirsty for shad even deb asked why she keeps bringing him up.”

“I don’t care for Masika but she didn’t lie the Kiyomi girl is hella insecure.”

“Who is Masika for somebody to use to get famous ?!?! Whhhyyyy does she think she’s so important 😭.”

“Kiyomi is illiterate 🤣 I had to re read it a couple times”

“I blame bow wow he messy”

“Girl if Bow got y’all acting like this on social media leave that lil boy ALOOONNEE🗣.”

“But they both corny tho 🤷🏻‍♀️ but imagine thinking you are grammatically correct 😂🤣.”

“Masika acting like she is the Yonce of reality tv 😭🙄. Who she done made famous?”

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