Lil’ Mo Is Ready to Give Up Singing to Become ‘Somebody Lit Ass Attorney”

Lil’ Mo let her fans know she is releasing one more album and then giving up the music industry to become an attorney.

On Wednesday, Lil’ Mo made a post on Instagram explaining her planned career switch. She wrote, “today has been one of those days. i usually hold it all together. But when it’s so much going on inside it’s hard to suppress something you have been wanting to do. i’ve given 20 years plus to being LIL MO. i’m going to give you all NEW MUSIC and a NEW TV show in 2019.” She continued, “we pushing for january!! then after that, it’s time to be Cynthia Dargan. i’ve always wanted to be a LAWYER! the time is now. i’ll use my influence to be great. Pray for my family and i. this is a decision i’ve been wanting to make but the time has come.”

The fans seem to be very supportive of her life change and encourage her to follow her heart.

“Follow your heart!”

“Growth is always a painful process; letting go of who you used to be in order to become what your supposed to be … Attorney/ Entertainer litness 🙌🏽❤️”

“Keep your dreams alive you can do anything through Christ Jesus”

“Go you! I have always rocked with you, and this is pure inspiration!!!! 😍 Congrats to you ❤👌👍🤗👑👑”

In her post, Lil Mo also teased that her if album sales go well she would go on tour. In her captions she wrote, “unless my new song with w— K—- do so crazy that i have no choice but to tour. a b*tch gonna give y’all an album and i’m bout to be somebody LIT Ass attorney. i can’t wait. so the next decade i need to be totally focused!! #LILMOvsCYNTHIADARGAN”

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