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Porsha Williams Cracks Fans Up with Her Playful Antics About How She Got Pregnant

Porsha Williams gave fans the inside scoop on a couple of things thanks to her most recent Instagram post. One was a clip from the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and the other was an insight into how she got pregnant with her first child with her fiancé.

On Wednesday, Williams shared a scene where she plays around with pal and Swagg Boutique owner Nene Leakes at the store as Williams tried on some apparel.

“SWIPE: Yooo me and @neneleakes ain’t got no sense when we get together 😂😂 S/O @swaggboutiqueatl #LaughterIsHealing #Rhoa in Nov 4th🔥🔥,” the pregnant star said in the caption of the accompanying clip.

“I want you to try this on for a little hoochie moment,” Leakes says in the scene.

“Oooh! This is nasty! I did not know I was Miami ready!” Williams exclaims. She then began twerking around the store and pretending to cook with her booty shaking around, getting gassed up by Leakes in the process.

The comments section was lit up with fans cracking up at Williams’ antics.

“‘You want some pancakes’ 😂😂😂”

“😂😂😂 Ive watched this a hundred times and i still laugh 😂😩😩”


“Hell I’m ctfu like im in there with y’all! Lol I think I needed that laugh too my fellow Cancerian @porsha4real lol.”

“😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 @porsha4real and @neneleakes y’all are HILARIOUS 🤣 TOGETHER….Please, Please, Please make a show together!!!!”

“Hollering that’s how that baby got here!!!”

Then, Williams’ soon-to-be-husband Dennis McKinley chimed in to share how that dance led to her pregnancy.

“Yeah this how PJ got here❤️😂”

“@workwincelebrate yep right before 😩🤦🏾‍♀️😂”

Porsha williams

The one fan who caught the exchange weighed in, too.

“@porsha4real lol🤣🤣 checking that oven did it!!😂😂😂”

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