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Masika Kalysha Calls Out ‘LHHH’ for Fake Storyline and Fans Blast Her

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” reality star Masika Kalysha went on a mini-rant Sunday evening and spilled the tea on a fake scene that premiered on the VH1 show.

A fan tweeted an old clip of Kalysha on “LHHH” and wrote “Watching my favorite.” The “My Own” singer retweeted his comment and responded back, “The Gag is my daughter was in the back of the car with my girlfriend but imma chill.”

Social media followers were confused by the information Kalysha threw their way. During season 3, the model appeared to be pregnant with her daughter Khari. However, fans put two-and-two together and realized the star already gave birth and wore a fake baby bump when the scene was filmed.

Fans slammed Kalysha for being just as “fake” as the scene she acted in and accused the star of being “salty.”

“I don’t understand this u did it but u still complaining about it u should have say no if u don’t want to do it,” one person said.

“She must be mad she not on the show no more🤔,” another added.

“You hating OUTSIDE the club 😂.”

“Shes the idiot who agreed to do it so.”

“But she didn’t say nothing when she was getting that check,” one fan wrote.

Kalysha reportedly terminated her contract with “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” in February and doesn’t plan to reappear on the show according to the Jasmine Brand. The reality star was extremely upset with the way she was portrayed on television and felt she outgrew the show. She also had an issue with production bringing on her arch nemesis Alexis Skyy.

Skyy allegedly has a baby with the father of her two-year-old child, rapper Fetty Wap. Kalysha said she was over the drama and refused to be filmed with the Instagram model.

However, Kalysha will soon be making her way to “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” and is in the process of filming.

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