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Meghan McCain’s Birthday Wishes Derailed by Fan Who Thinks She Doesn’t Deserve Happiness

Meghan McCain was flooded with celebratory birthday wishes Tuesday, but it wasn’t long before a fairweather fan saw fit to rain on her parade.

In an Instagram post, “The View” co-host thanked Bravo’s Andy Cohen and singer Erika Jayne for stopping by the daytime show for her birthday. The 34-year-old returned as the show’s conservative voice earlier this month after a month-long hiatus following the death of her father, Sen. John McCain, in late August.

“Thank you so much @bravoandy & @theprettymess for performing for my birthday today on @theviewabc!,” McCain wrote. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better — @thepretty mess you are all that is wonderful and sparkles in this world, thank you for the incredible performance!! ❤️💥✨🔥🎉🍾💋”

Hundreds of fans commented to wish McCain a joyful and happy “born day,” especially as she continues to come to terms with her father’s death.

“Happy belated birthday Meghan!! I hope you had a good day,” said one fan.

“Happy, happy birthday @meghanmccain!! another wrote. “Loved seeing you overflowing with joy. Wish you all the joy in the world. Please be my daughter’s Presidential candidate in 2020. It’ll be the first time she’ll be able to vote.”

Not everyone was thrilled at the idea of McCain running for public office, however.

“Why on earth would we want her to run for office …,” one critic replied. “She is immature, screeches like a stuck pig when talking, can’t decide which side of the fence she is on and if a tragic problem arises she would take a month off. Hell, that’s the last kind of politician we need.”

“And excuse me but why does ‘she’ deserve all the happiness life holds?,” he continued. “Because her dad died? That’s life and guess what so will her mom. The real world still has to move on and continue to do the jobs the wealthy cannot do because they have to take months to mourn and get a grip on things … Give me another republican to replace her!”

Fans wasted no time jumping to McCain’s defense and chided the troll for his callous comments.

“Everybody deserves all the happiness, also her. You maybe just a little bit less, this comment is just disgraceful,” one person shot back.

“Yes I agree. Heartless comment,” wrote another.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain celebrated her 34th birthday on “The View” Tuesday alongside her co-hosts and guest Andy Cohen. (Image courtesy of Instagram)

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