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Shereé Whitfield Insiders Respond to Producer’s Claim She’s a ‘Thirsty Thief’ and Didn’t Pay for Promo

After an Atlanta producer accused Shereé Whitfield of failing to pay for the She by Shereé promo she released, sources close to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum are hitting back on her behalf.

John Carter claimed Whitfield posted the promotional footage of her athleisure line with a draft of the final cut of the promo he helped put together, deeming her a “thirsty thief” in the process.

Shereé Whitfield

Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

“ALERT!!! THIEF!!! @shereewhitfield,” he said on a Thursday, Oct. 18 Instagram post. “YOOOO!!!! HOLD UP!!!! I DONT KNOW HOW THIS VIDEO IS BEING POSTED!!! When ain’t NOBODY been PAID!!!!!! SO THIS IS WHAT WE DOING NOW?!?!…. We need some ATTENTION or SOMETHING?!?!… Shot this project with @iamaries had my people @missmosi and @lanathestylist on hair and makeup and called up all my talent for this shoot…Went through hell shooting it and you wanna play somebody?!?!…OK.”

Among his claims, Carter said what was supposed to be a 2-3 hour shoot for the line lasted for 7 hours and claimed none of the crew was paid for their time. He also said Whitfield paid for the “cheap” attire for the filming and “flipped the script” when it came time to paying for the video.”

But now, personnel who were working at the shoot have spoken out and they’re rebutting Carter’s claim that he was ever owed payment.

“He’s never had anything on television. He swears everyone steals his ideas,” a source said to the Jasmine Brand Friday, Oct. 19. “He’s a complete liar. He was a piss-poor volunteer because HE wanted to work with Shereé. He was never promised to be paid.”

The source added that the videographer was kind but the models and those working on set were “frustrated with John and his antics. They were even getting annoyed with John for misdirection and failure to be prompt and ready for scenes. Beware! Do not work with John Carter, he’s unprofessional and unknowledgeable.”

As for Whitfield releasing a draft of the trailer for her clothing line, a source said that was because Carter, who did not follow through with vendors to get proper shirts for the shoot, failed to give her the final cut ahead of her Sept. 30 announcement deadline. The final version was supposed to be a 10-15 minute movie with a minute-long Instagram video. Whitfield was only able to get a teaser from the videographer, since most of the footage was deemed unusable.

“John gave a deadline to her of when this would be done and edited and missed that completely!” the insider said. “He was lying the entire time saying that the videographer was his guy that does all of his major projects. However, after the shoot, it was told by the videographer that he never met John or worked with him previously a day in his life until he met him at her house and that John got his info from someone else that he saw his work from. John is a liar!!”


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