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Uh-Oh! Things Heat Up Between Marcus Black and RoccStar During ‘LHHH

During Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: HollywoodMarcus Black and RoccStar erupted into a heated argument and left fans no choice but to take sides.

RoccStar and rapper Solo Lucci felt Black was doing too much running off at the mouth for his own good. Black told his fiancée Brooke Valentine about Solo Lucci’s intimate relations with co-star Nikki Mudurras. Lucci was upset with Black for spilling the beans to his wife-to-be and decided to confront Black with his right-hand man RoccStar.

Marcus Black

(VH1 screenshot of Marcus B. going at it with Solo Lucci and Roccstar)

Lucci and RoccStar met up with Black at a barbershop, and things quickly took a turn for the worse. RoccStar and Black began arguing after the producer felt some type of way about Black telling his friend A1 Bentley that RoccStar claimed he slept with Bentley’s wife Lyrica Anderson.

Black told RoccStar he refused to be a “phony friend” and let someone talk about his friend’s wife in a derogatory manner. The music producer then shot back at Black and told him to “mind his business.” The argument between the two ended with Black telling RoccStar he can step outside and “catch a fade” if he’d like.

The explosive scene between the two co-stars had social media and “LHHH” fans siding with their favorite cast member.

“I hate to say it 😢 but im wit Roccstar messy ass.”

“Being a good friend is cool … . But all im saying is have this same energy when it comes to relationships. Rockstar only doing what she let him do.”

“Thats right Marcus be fu**ing real.. Real recognize real.”

“Team Marcus all day✋ @mvrcusblvck a real man and friend.”

“Marcus 💪The only one with some common sense n morals.”

Black doesn’t seemed too fazed by the drama and recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend Valentine on the show. He pulled out a diamond-studded ring and asked the Houston singer, “If it’s not too much, would you mind being my wife?”

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