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‘LHHH’ Fans Clown A1 Bentley for Sticking with Lyrica Anderson After After New Cheating Rumors

A1 Bentley and his wife Lyrica Anderson experienced a few bumps in their relationship during season 5 of “Love and Hip Hip: Hollywood” and fans are roasting the producer for staying with his wife who allegedly cheated on him multiple times.

Rumors spread earlier during the season of Anderson having an affair with Bentley’s best friend Safaree Samuels. Nevertheless, both Bentley and his wife moved passed cheating rumors to work on their marriage.

Lyrica Anderson

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – SEPTEMBER 15: A-One and Lyrica Anderson attend Yeay Influencer Dinner at E.P. & L.P. on September 15, 2016 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

However, music producer RoccStar recently claimed that he and Anderson slept together while she and Bentley were separated. However, when Bentley’s friend brought the allegations to his attention, the “Love Scars” producer acted extremely nonchalant as if he didn’t care.

Fans were confused as to why Bentley would continue to stay with a woman who’s been accused of cheating on him multiple times and slammed the reality star.

“A1 youre dumb af and your wife A HOE,” one person tweeted.

Another fan wrote, “A1’s looking so dumb not addressing all these ppl claiming to have slept with his wife he does need a DNA test. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.”

“If A1 wanna b played & stupid let him.”

“A1 your wife had you looking stupid lool.”

One Twitter user added, “A1 dumb self would stay would Lyrica 😐🙄.”

During an interview with Wendy Williams, Bentley admitted that he and his wife both cheated on one another.

“We hit a dark spot in our relationship,” said Bentley. “No relationship is perfect.”

The two announced they’ve worked to repair their marriage and are expecting to welcome a baby boy soon. The producer posted a photo of he and Anderson and wrote on Instagram, “My Boy can’t get here any sooner 😬.”

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