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‘LHHH’ Marcus Black Still Proposes to Brooke Valentine After She Tries to Force Him to Marry Her in Shotgun Wedding

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple Brooke Valentine and Marcus Black are officially betrothed, but their engagement story was quite unusual.

Valentine planned a huge surprise for her longtime lover, but it threw Black a little off guard. The 33-year-old arranged a wedding staged inside of her hotel room and even requested for a pastor to attend. Black asked Valentine multiple times to show him she was ready for a serious commitment and the wedding proposal was her way of proving her loyalty to him.

However, Black was in for a surprise and wasn’t too thrilled about Valentine’s “hotel marriage.”

He told his fiancée, “You taking steps away from me that I was going to enjoy. … This is not how it’s supposed to go. … Today I would not like to celebrate our marriage.”

Valentine was clearly devastated and almost in tears, but Black’s following actions made up for it all.

The rapper pulled out a diamond-studded ring and told the Houston singer, “I’d like to celebrate our engagement. He got down on one knee in front of their parents and said, “If you don’t mind I would like to turn this into an engagement party. … If it’s not too much would you mind being my wife?”

Valentine nodded her head yes and agreed to be his wife-to-be.

Fans gushed over the couple’s sweet moment and congratulated the pair.

“This was so perfect yes Marcus put her ass back in place thank God cuz she’s about to take over everything at risk it all….lol yay them 😍,” one fan said.

Another person wrote, “Aawww im soo happy for them!! I like them together💏.”

One Instagram user added, “I was crying 😢 I love them so much Brooke was never delusional! Marcus NEVERED dismisses her.”

Valentine and Brooke have been off and on for years and reconnected this season after calling it quits during season 4. The couple remained friends throughout their breakup and are now engaged.

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