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Rich the Kid Accused of Skimping on Child Support by Atlanta Woman

Candis Watts, a hairstylist from Atlanta, said Rich the Kid fathered her child years ago, and he hasn’t been there either financially or physically.

According to a report, Watts has already opened a case with the California Department of Child Support Services, so Rich can help with D’Jean Watts, her 5-year-old daughter.

An Atlanta Hair Stylist Accused Rich the Kid Of Fathering Her Child And Not Being There


“[Rich] is very inconsistent with child support and communication with D’Jean,” wrote Watts in court papers. “Last payment I received was Feb. 6, 2018 for $800, and the time before that he had his wife sent me $420 in or around March-April 2017, so my car would not be repo’d. Before that I cannot recall a time when he sent child support.”

Watts also accused the rapper of changing his residence every few months to avoid being served court papers. So to combat that, she submitted a copy of his tour schedule to track him down easier.

The young mother also said she lived with Rich — real name Dimitri Roger — in Marietta, Georgia, at one point, and their child was born in 2013 out of a dysfunctional relationship. Watts stated that both of their families bore witness to the turbulence.

“We met in Atlanta in 2011. Inseparable for majority of our relationship,” she detailed in court papers. “There were many fallouts but always ended up back together. My family and his family can attest to the dysfunction and toxicity of relationship and the negligence on Dimitri’s behalf.”

Rich hasn’t claimed the child publicly yet, and his name isn’t on the birth certificate, but Watts said he visited her in the hospital when the child was born. She also said he admitted to being the father at that time.

Plus, Watts said the rapper kept D’Jean in California with him for three months while she was working out a “financial hardship” and offered to pay for an abortion when he learned of her pregnancy.

Besides being sued for child support, Rich is also going through a divorce with his estranged wife Antonette. He’s expecting a child with his new girlfriend Tori Brixx as well.

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