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‘He Giving Charity and Got a Ticket’: Rich The Kid Fined for Throwing Wads of Cash In Los Angeles Neighborhood

Rapper Rich The Kid made the streets a little greener on Earth Day when he pulled up to Rodeo Drive and made it rain wads of cash. The stunt was pulled off in front of the Burberry store, where throngs of passersby were all caught by surprise. 

The 28-year-old unsuspectingly pulled up in front of the store in a black Mercedes Maybach, rolled down the window and began throwing fistfuls of cash up into the air. Excitedly, people ran over to the car and began to collect as much cash as possible. 

Rich The Kid throws wads of cash on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. (Photo: TMZ)

A TMZ photographer caught the entire moment on video while probing the rapper about the amount of money he was gleefully giving away. At one point Rich The Kid sits on the car’s back-passenger window sill giving fans and money hungry people a chance to be up close and personal with the “Bankroll” rapper.

In the end two motorcycle cops issued the rapper a ticket for littering that carries a fine between $200-$1,000. On social media people have mixed thoughts of the incident. 

“You blessing the wrong neighborhood”

“Imagine picking it up and seeing Usher,” wrote an individual alluding to singer Usher’s ‘Ush Bucks‘ that caused quite the upset at a Las Vegas strip club. 

“Damn he giving charity and got a ticket”

“Sir, the money for that ticket was literally sitting on Rodeo Dr….. You telling me y’all don’t take cash now? Face with rolling eyes”

The inspiration behind the incident is unclear, however, it is possible the rapper was feeling generous and celebratory of his new multi-million dollar deal with Rostrum Records, known for launching Wiz Khalifa and Mack Miller’s careers.

“Rich The Kid is a key voice of this generation and we’re very excited that he chose Rostrum as his new home,” Rostrum founder and President Benjy Grinberg said in a press release. “This is the beginning of a new chapter for us at Rostrum as we continue to break barriers in the independent label landscape. We are thrilled to partner with BMG to release Rich’s upcoming music and further solidify his position as a leader in hip-hop.”

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