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Kevin Gates Says If You’re One His Friends’ Exes, Don’t Even Speak To Him: ‘We Not Cool No More’

What’s the protocol when you’re chummy with your friend’s significant other and they break up? Do you continue to talk to that person, and if you do, are you being disloyal to your friend?

Kevin Gates addressed this topic in a newly posted video, and he was very clear on how he handles these situations.  

Kevin Gates Says He Doesn't Speak To His Friends' Exes


“Check this out,” he began. “If I met you ‘cause I’m cool with one of my n—– and you was his b-tch or his old lady or his baby’s mama at the time, and I was [saying] ‘How you doing, beloved, how you doing, queen’ when I see you, that was out of respect for him. If y’all break up, b-tch, f— you. We not cool no more. Don’t even hurt your feelings and waste your time by speaking to me, ‘cause I’m going to look at you like you got sh– on your shirt. I don’t care who’s fault it was. I was only cool with you because you was f—— my n—-. That’s it.”

“Totally agree,” one of his followers wrote.

“Amen,” wrote another.

“Big facts,” a third person responded. “[Especially] if we wasn’t even cool, just associates.”

Just a day ago, Gates posted a message to his wife Dreka and wished her a happy third anniversary, which got a lot of attention. The rapper also talked about his wife in a recent interview with Sway Calloway and said she helps him get over his feelings of inadequacy.

“I still wrestle with certain insecurities,” he admitted. “Like, I don’t feel like I’m as attractive as I would like to be, because I was told that I was ugly a long time ago … Sometimes I be a little bit extra, little flamboyant, to make up for feeling like I’m inadequate, because I’m not attractive. But my wife is like ‘You’re so beautiful.'”

You can see Kevin’s post about how to deal with your friend’s ex below.

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