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Kevin Gates Walks Into Restaurant Kitchen To Confront Manager After Chicken Isn’t Cooked Right

Sometimes you have to take actions into your own hands.

That could be what Kevin Gates thought when he confronted a chef and the manager because his chicken wasn’t cooked properly. He also walked into the kitchen, which was all recorded by one of the staff people.

Kevin Gates Walks Into Kitchen After Chicken Isn't Cooked Properly


“He in the kitchen, ya’ll,” she said. “He in the kitchen cuttin’ up. He want his chicken lightly battered, ya’ll. I’m shook. Kevin Gates is going off on the manager, ya’ll. He done walked up in the god d–n  kitchen.”

While the woman is talking, you can see the Louisiana rapper pointing to one of the cooks, as well as the stove. Gates doesn’t look angry in the clip, but based on his hand movements it appears he’s serious. 

There’s also a male voice in the background that yells “Don’t play no games,” but it’s not clear who said those words. 

Right now the 32-year-old is putting the pieces back on his career after being convicted of battery for kicking a female fan during a show in 2015. Afterward, he was sentenced to 180 days, which the rapper talked about during a recent interview in which he claimed his innocence.

“It kinda hurt me when people paint this bad negative picture of me like, ‘Well, he’s just this woman beater.’ How?” Gates asked.

“The girl, and I forgive her for this, ’cause I know deep down in her heart it gotta be some goodness in there, but you know what you did. You grabbed me … I stopped and next thing you know again you grab me. When I threw the kick, it never connected with you.”

You can see Gates’ walk into that kitchen below.

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