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Eve Puts Sharon Osburne In Line When She Claims Duchess Meghan Markle Is Not Black

A chat about Dutchess Meghan Markle on “The Talk” Wednesday led to an educational moment for Sharon Osburne courtesy of her co-host Eve.

During the discussion, Sheryl Underwood declares Markle, who wed Prince Harry in May and is expecting her first child with him, “brought blackness to the royal family.”

“She ain’t black,” Osburne replies.

“She’s black, she’s half black,” Eve says.

“I know, I know but she doesn’t look black,” Osburne responds.

While Underwood was stunned and asked, “to who?” Eve took the time to school Osburne.

“Black people come in all shades of brown,” the rapper says. “That’s a whole different discussion about how black you look or not look, or how white you look. That’s a whole discussion we don’t need to have.”

When a viewer caught the moment and shared it online, others began weighing in with their own thoughts.

“Meghan has clearly stated she’s biracial. Black mother, white father. People 🙄”

“This is the typical response when non-black people realize what we can’t. We need to stop this! It’s very detrimental to our own image and existence as black women.”

“So annoyed with Eve banging on with the ‘all shades of black’ jibberish. Meghan is biracial and that means she’s not a “black” woman! Her children with Harry will definitely not be black and the black women arguing she’s black is just ridiculous and makes us look stupid. Absolutely no hate towards biracial people because they are who they are, and they’re beautiful like everyone else… but let’s stop calling them black 🙄”

“She has been living as a white woman for years, Prince Harry chose her specifically for this reason. Black people got all excited trying to make this a Coming to America theme.”

“Again! Being black is all about how you LOOK! Even if ur mixed. If u dnt look black u AINT BLACK idk why some black ppl dnt understand this!”

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