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‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceasar and Sky In Hot Water After Raunchy Episode

Black Ink Crew” cast-mates Ceasar Emanuel and Sky Days are in legal trouble with an Atlanta landlord for a breach of lease.

Hussein Abdelhadi is suing Emanuel, Days and Viacom for filming inside of his home and violating the terms of his lease and unspecified damages, TMZ reported. During season 6 of the VH1 reality show, ‘Sky’ said she’d just bought a home in Georgia, but turns out it’s a rental property.

In Abdelhadi’s lawsuit, the landlord states that his Atlanta house is for residential purposes. He also said Days violated the leasing terms when she let her boss ‘Ceasar’ stay in the home although the contract specifically said she was the only person allowed to reside there.

Black Ink Crew

(photo credit: L; Ceasar and R; Sky/Instagram)

The Atlanta landlord also said he was disturbed “by images of the property being used as a house of ill repute” after Emanuel allegedly allowed several different women to sleep over at the home. Abdelhadi said he had plans of moving back into the house with his family after leasing it out to Days, but said he’s embarrassed to after the way “Black Ink Atlanta” depicted the property on television.

Fans chimed in on the lawsuit filed against the “Black Ink” stars and had mixed reactions.

“I can’t stand sky and i’m all for the lawsuit but i don’t see him winning. it’s pretty clear that ceasar did not live there; just visited. yes, he had women in and out, but no one can confirm that s#x happened, plus who monitors what house guests do? that’s crazy,” one person commented.

“The owner only had a rental contract with Sky. He has no case against Emanuel or Viacom,” a second person responded.

“Um dude u rented the place out. This is a frivolous suit,” another added.

“This Gentleman shouldnt rent out his house at all, he just looking for a come up,” a fan expressed.

‘Sky’ recently reunited with both of her kids she gave up for adoption when she was a teen. Hopefully, she’s able to put the legal drama behind her soon.

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