The Game Flexes With Bentley and Gets Called Out for Having An Expired License Plate

The Game posted a photo of a shiny red Bentley, but he didn’t get the feedback he was probably looking for. That’s because among the people who complimented the pricey vehicle, some noticed there was something off with the tags. 

“But your license plate is expired,” someone commented. “I’m trying to look out for daddy.”

The Game Gets Clowned For Having an Expired License Plate On His Bentley


Others noticed the out of date tags too.

“Expired license plate, bruh,” a second person wrote.

“LMAO. Can’t even have the blue sticker since August,” wrote another.

But one person offered a reason for the car not being legal, which some might consider probable.

“It was taken before the plate expired,” one person theorized. 

After a while, The Game responded to the talk but didn’t seem offended and took it all in stride. He also told one person to keep quiet about the license plate. “Stop snitchin,” he wrote. “Lol.”

Meanwhile, the former Aftermath artist recently posted a photo of his daughter California Dream Taylor, who’s been hired as a model to showcase Kendrick Lamar’s new Nike sneakers and he couldn’t seem more proud.

“My baby out here workin,’ wrote The Game. “@littlemisscali for @nike #proudparentmoment #daddygang.”

“Way too cute. Like father, like daughter,” another person followed.

“Lookin like her daddy,” a third person wrote.

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