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Folks Give K. Michelle a Taste of Her Own Medicine After She Disses Viewer’s Hair as ‘Nappy’

K. Michelle didn’t appreciate a viewer’s response to her episode of TVOne’s “Uncensored” and she let the Twitter user have it in a now-deleted reply.

As viewers turned in to see Michelle explain some candid moments in her life on Sunday, Oct. 14, they also weighed in on what they saw online.

“Watching the #Uncensored @kmichelle it makes me love this woman so much more. She’s so strong. Kimberly, I love you. ♥️”

“Whew! I’m watching K. Michelle’s #UNCENSORED and chile……this shit she been through with men smfh.”

“Omg K.michelle you are spilling the tea girl! #uncensored.”

“Just watched @kmichelle on #Uncensored Beautiful Real Story. 💯💯💯”

But the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star must have searched her name on Twitter to see what viewers were saying about the episode, which saw her dish on her exes Idris Elba and Memphitz and how she claims rapper Mase left her with $10,000 and a Jaguar while he went and got married.

And the singer didn’t take kindly to this reaction from professional life coach Lakeisha Dixon.

“K.Michelle needs a therapist.”

“And you need a hairdresser with that nappy cotton ball on your head,” the performer replied.

K. Michelle

She’s since snatched the remark down from her Twitter account, but not before it was captured online. Comments about the initial tweet and K. Michelle’s retort ensued.

“Sis, I think your NATURAL hair is beautiful.”

“Can’t argue there and her reply coupled with how light her skin is getting is proof.”

“Said the self hater 🤦🏾‍♀️”

“Shaming somebody for their natural hair is wack.”

“She was not talking about all black women hair. Just that person. Mental health problems isn’t funny either, but I don’t see any one saying something about the girl saying K Michelle needed a Therapist. All is fair in clap backs, ijs.”

“So much hate this lady has.. let it go, damn.”

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