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Diddy and Nas Say ‘This Is What Black Excellence Looks Like Amid Huge Kanye West Backlash

While Kanye West continues to receive all kinds of backlash for supporting President Donald Trump, two other rap figures are lending their support to Dapper Dan, a legendary New York fashion designer.

In recent days, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Nas visited a Gucci store and bought some pieces inspired by Dan’s designs. The Bad Boy founder also told everyone how important it is to support Black-owned businesses.

Diddy and Nas Support Dapper Dan and Black Owned Businesses


“This is what Black excellence looks like,” wrote Diddy. “Making sure we support and uplift each other on a daily basis. @dapperdanharlem, you inspire us all. Your legacy will live forever. It’s amazing to see you finally recognized for your greatness.”

And in the video itself, Diddy told Dan how proud he was.

“What up Dap,” he said. “I’m in the Gucci store right now, and I’m feeling real proud of you, my brother. I got this jacket on. They say this thing is selling out. Look at you all over the place, king. The dream is real … We buying Black.”

Then Nas entered the video…

“That’s what we do,” said the “Illmatic” rapper about supporting Black-owned businesses.

Just last week, Diddy said that West wasn’t a part of Black excellence after he visited Trump at The White House.

“Somebody tell this negro to give me a call,” wrote Diddy. “#NOTBlackExcellence”

As far as Dapper Dan, he’s been making clothes for nearly 40 years and his leather Gucci jackets, created in the ‘80s, are arguably his signature piece. The jackets were worn by some of the biggest rappers of yesteryear and sported by the group Eric B & Rakim on the cover for the duo’s 1988 “Follow The Leader” album.

Dan expressed appreciation on Twitter to both Diddy and Nas for the love. “Thank you @Diddy! Thank you @Nas! Your support is very special to me, because you both know the dark side of the struggle in this business. The public only sees the light side, IF we manage to get to the light side. I have no regrets about the 30 years that it took for me to get to where I am now. Whatever was taken from me, I will get back. God is refereeing this game.”

Others seemed pleased with the rappers. 

“Yes. Love it,” one person wrote.

“That’s what’s up, Diddy and Nas,” someone else commented.

“[It’s] the only way,” a third person wrote.

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