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Emily B’s Dad Willing to Testify on Fabolous’ Behalf Despite Explosive Confrontation Caught on Video

Even though Fabolous was seen on video threatening Emily B’s father earlier this year, the two are extremely close again.

According to TMZ, Fab and Emily’s father patched things up just one day after a video surfaced of the two men arguing. Fab threatened to shoot Emily’s dad in the clip while he held a pair of scissors. He also lunged towards Emily, the mother of his children.

Fabolous Mends Friendship With Emily B's Dad


But since then, Fab and Emily’s dad have been hanging out on a regular basis, just like they used to do before the argument and reportedly, they’ve been close friends for quite some time.

The news of the two men rekindling their friendship comes days after Fabolous was indicted for allegedly assaulting Emily and threatening her father. In fact, Fab and Emily’s dad are so close these days he’s willing to testify on the rapper’s behalf if the case goes to trial.

There have been reports that Fab and Emily have patched things up as well, and they’ve posted photos of themselves with their children in recent months.

In their latest family photo, posted in August, many took to the comment section and said they still thought about the argument and video.

“Beautiful. I love you guys,” one person wrote.

“So we’re just gonna forget that he … NVM,” wrote a second person.

In the indictment, Fabolous was hit with one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, two counts of threatening to kill and one count of possession of a weapon for holding the scissors.

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