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50 Cent And Jim Jones Go at It Again On Social Media: ‘I Thought We Was Friends, Guess Not’

50 Cent and Jim Jones have been going at each other for quite some time now, and 50 just sent the latest shot.

“This is Jimmy’s old mangy dog dip,” wrote 50 under a photo of Jones sporting a scruffy beard. “Making Harlem look bad.”

50 Cent and Jim Jones Diss Each Other On Instagram


Jones then responded.

“You sure you want this champ?” he asked. I know I’m down for a good time. I thought we was friends. I guess not. Sidebar: That ‘Get the Strap’ record and the t-shirts are trash like your style. Lol.”

Of course, the exchanges between both rappers could be attached to some behind the scenes industry drama, but it seems to stem from a weightlifting competition posed by Jim in 2017.

After he created that challenge, both rappers uploaded footage of each other working out and made jokes about not lifting enough or looking awkward in some way.

50 also teased Jones when he nearly got jumped by a group of men after an event in Boston earlier this year. Plus, when Jones was booked on gun and drug charges in Georgia over the summer, 50 poked fun at him.

“I said get the strap, not go on a high speed chase and get caught with it,” wrote Fif. “Lol. What da f— man?”

And earlier this week, the G-Unit rapper dissed Jones’ appearance, just like he did in this recent post.

“Damn Jimmy, why you look so dirty?” wrote 50. “What the f–k is going on? You from Harlem. Get it together.”

After 50 dissed Jones’ scruffy look, people left all kinds of comments. 

“I’m here for the pettiness,” one person wrote.

“50 Cent, you are my favorite troll,” wrote another.

“Jim always looks like he needs a bath and shave,” wrote a third. “Just unkempt.”

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