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K. Michelle Calls Out Idris Elba Again for Never ‘Defending’ Their Relationship, Fans See a Different Issue

K. Michelle said she’s hurt that Idris Elba hasn’t spoken about their past relationship.

According to Michelle, she dated the British actor for eight months back in 2014, and she’s been talking about it since then. But Elba has remained mum, which caused many to believe the R&B singer was making the whole thing up.

K. Michelle Slams Idris Elba For Not Backing Her Up About Their Relationship


Michelle spoke about her time with Elba on TV One’s “Uncensored, and said at first she didn’t want to date him because Meek Mill was courting her.

Then once she starting dating Elba, she learned that he was having a baby with makeup artist Naiyana Garth, which she called him about. Michelle also said she received the baby news when she was recovering from liposuction.

“I was under all types of drugs from anesthesiologists, and I just remember calling him like ‘F— that baby,” she recalled. “Which is probably not the best thing to tell a new dad, but I did.”

Michelle also explained that she was hurt, because a lot of Black women said she wasn’t good enough for the actor. 

“I think that’s what hurt [most of all],” she stated. “Black women was like ‘She’s so ghetto. Why he date her?’ What you do not understand is everything he went through, from the passing of his father all the way down, I was the one that was there.”

Of course, whether Elba ever acknowledges the relationship remains to be seen, but according to Michelle, he ruined his good guy image by not coming to her defense.

“I felt like he didn’t defend me,” she stated. “I feel like when people were calling me a liar, again, about my relationship … I’ve been sitting here with this man for like nine months. I just could not believe we were spending so much time together, [and] he just did not come out and say ‘Stop attacking her.’”

“Or he didn’t come out and say ‘This is my friend. I know about this album. I know all of this.’” she added. “So I feel like I’m not over that. I feel like you picked looking like a great guy over someone who had your back through everything.”

“When you didn’t get nominated for “Mandela,” when you cried, I had your back,”  Michelle continued. “And you didn’t have mine in the midst of everybody tweeting me and attacking me, calling me a liar. You just sat there. You let them do it. So I wish him the best but to me, he showed that he wasn’t my friend and this Rico Suave great guy is human.”

After people caught wind of the singer’s words, some gave sympathy while others didn’t

“Girl, nine months?” someone wrote. “You’re talking like you were together for nine years. And now you’re so angry at not being claimed, you’re throwing jabs and telling his business? Whack.”

“I’ve heard they dated but have never heard him mention her,” wrote a second person. “I actually thought she was obsessed with him and lying.”

“Girl, I know it hurt but let it go,” wrote a third. “He clearly don’t want you like that. It’s okay. God got other plans, better plans than you could imagine.”

You can watch Michelle talk about Elba below.

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