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Shereé Whitfield Sets the Record Straight About the Release Date of Her Joggers

Shereé Whitfield has yet to release her line of joggers in September as promised, but she’s still teasing fans with some glimpses of how the apparel will look once made available to purchase.

While stepping out Wednesday night at “The Hate U Give” red carpet screening in Atlanta, Whitfield gave onlookers a taste of her revamped She By Shereé clothing line, which now has an athleisure focus.

Whitfield posed on Oct. 3 in a black SBS t-shirt with “Fierce” written across the front in gold lettering. It was accented by a set of joggers with a gold zipper on the back pocket and matching zippers down the sides of the pants.


The next day, Whitfield uploaded a set of photos posing in he SBS oufit writing in the Instagram caption, “#Aboutlastnight #thehateugive It is an AMAZING story! Great actors! #AMustsee ❤️🍿 #SHEbySheree 💋. #WhenyourwearingSHEbySHEREE 😜 ”

Fans continued their questions and comments concerning when they can expect to see the joggers drop.

“Are these the joggers?💜”

“September spring summer fashion show with no fashions.”

“Congrats Mama now where can I purchase some She by Sheree 💯💕🍾👑👏👏🥞.”

To apparently assuage fan concerns, she added several hashtags in the caption, “#iCanLaunchWhenIWantTo #iAintGoingBackandforthwithyouninjas PRE-order coming soon!”

sheree whitfield

The last update on the joggers line came in mid-September when an Instagram account named @ahillentertainment posted a flier for the RHOA’s clothing brand said she was seeking models for a casting call.

“Casting Call will be announced as former “Real Housewife of Atlanta” Sheree Whitfield will celebrate the launch of her new ‘She By Shereé’ athletic leisure line, in ATL this October. The new athletic leisure, or ‘athleisure,’ brand is a ‘She by Shereé’ line, which featured typical streetwear styles and fashions.

“Sheree’s now expanding on She By Shereé as ‘today’s active and sporty woman.’ Open casting call to be announced!!!!”

Whitfield told fans this summer that they can expect her joggers line to be released this fall, affirming her comments during the RHOA season 10 reunion in April.

“Probably more September, that is spring, summer. September show — spring, summer,” she stammered.

But fans have failed to even get more than a sneak peek at the clothing and they’ve been relentless about going into her Instagram comments asking when the line will finally be put on sale.

“Where are the joggers? I’ve been saving my coins and waiting. Are you launching at NYFW next month?”

“Sheree, are we expecting your clothing line to be out in September?”

“Hey sis, are the joggers ready? 😩😭”


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