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Phaedra Parks Fans Amazed At How Much Her Son Mr. President Looks Like Mom and Son Prince Looks like Dad

Phaedra Parks is missing the days when she could spend all her time with her two young sons as fans marvel at how much they look like their mom and dad.

“#tbt missing long summer days laughing and loving on my #Prince and #President I love my sons #momlife #motherhood 💞” Parks captioned the Thursday, Oct. 4 Instagram post.

Parks’ followers immediately began remarking about how much her sons, 8-year-old Ayden, also called Prince, and 5-year-old Dylan, known as Mr. President, have grown up to look like exactly like Parks’ ex-husband Apollo Nida and Parks herself.

“Mr. President is your twin, OMG! Beautiful kids!”

“The Prince is going to give you hell babay (from having to beat dem fass tail girls off of em), that is Apollo all day.”

“Mr. President looks so much like your Mother! 💞”

“They are so cute Prince looks just like his dad and President looks just like you 🤗”

“They’re so handsome. Your youngest looks like you.”

They also remarked on how much the boys have grown up since Parks was booted from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after season 9.

“They are really growing, they are so handsome.”

“@phaedraparks, Oooh these little cuties are growing fast.”

“The boys are soo big now and very handsome.”

“Wow they are so big now. Bless your family!!”

“They have grown so fast! Still as handsome as they were when they were little.”

Parks’ fans got to watch the Nida boys grow up on RHOA from season 3, where Parks made her debut, to season 9. It was during the Atlanta attorney’s first season that the star threw a lavish baby shower during her first pregnancy. And was even caught in a lie about getting pregnant before marrying Nida. By season 6, Parks welcomed Dylan and viewers were able to see the boys go to school and deal with their parents splitting up in 2016.

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