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Hazel-E’s Recent Picture Sends Fans Into Confusion: ‘Where’s Hazel?’

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” reality star Hazel-E shared a new photo of herself that has the Internet asking “who is this?”

It’s no secret that Hazel-E has received harsh criticism from social media about her facial features. However, fans appeared to be shocked when the reality star posted a selfie of that looked like a “completely different person.”


(photo credit: Hazel Instagram)

The “Girl Code” CEO took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a glamour shot of herself taken with Shaima Diab photography services. She captioned the photo, “A Tribe Called Quest #bantuknots #myDubai.”

Fans didn’t recognize the woman in the picture and accused Hazel-E of undergoing surgery to “remake her whole face.”

“Wow she pulled a Kylie and changed her whole face,” one person commented.

“Who is this girl in the photo? And don’t say makeup cuz uhhhhh boo that’s a whole new face,” another fan wrote.

“I don’t know you just look weird now. I’m not throwing no shade just the truth!”

“Why do you look different?”

“Gul I did not recognize you…just different the nose job tho 😂 b***h swear she white.”

One fan added, ” She needs to chillllLLL with all that surgery, she was pretty before.”

Earlier in September Hazel-E received quite a bit of backlash after she posted an Instagram photo with the caption, “They say I look like a white woman, maybe it’s ‘cause I look expensive, b***h.”

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