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Fans Trash Former ‘LHHH’ Star Hazel-E After She Says Looking Like a ‘White Woman’ Makes Her Look Expensive

Hazel-E angered a lot of people with an Instagram photo that she posted a few days ago.

“They say I look like a white woman, maybe it’s ‘cause I look expensive, bitch,” she wrote.

Hazel-E Says She Looks Like A White Woman


The post comes several months after the former “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star posted another offensive message about skin color. It happened in October of last year when she got into an argument with comedian Jess Hilarious and insulted her boyfriend.

“I see all you black ass bitches that hate me,” she wrote. “Stop bleaching your skin and fix the inside first and maybe all you h–s wouldn’t be so mad … Bitches mad ‘cause they couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test. Yep, I said it … Sorry mom, you kept me away from these type of girls all my life. You said they would hate me because I’m light skin. You were right.”

Later, Hazel went on the show “Iyanla: Fix My Life” and said her anger comes from being sexually abused by darker skinned Black women during childhood. But Iyanla Vanzant said skin color had nothing to do with the abuse and in the end, it seemed like Hazel might’ve turned over a new leaf.

Hazel-E Says She Looks Like a White Woman


But based on her recent post, her opinions didn’t change at all, and people blasted her for it.

“Naw, you just look like a white woman with ‘lots of makeup, which is the new it right now,” one person wrote. “You definitely don’t have that popping melanin.”

“She done re-did her whole face,” wrote someone else. “That ain’t her. All that surgery to still have to pound on makeup. Good job, dummy.”

Another person pointed out that Hazel lost a lot of her income because of her comments and no longer lives in the United States.

“She already lost endorsement deals and her role on ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ now she lives in Dubai where no one knows her,” one person tweeted. “I hate when Black women make remarks about skin color to other Black women. It’s bad enough that we have other races against us. We shouldn’t turn on each other as well.”

Former LAHH Rapper Hazel-E Seeks Redemption After Hateful Comments About Darker Skinned Women

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