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Ebro Darden Told Kanye West That He Wouldn’t Help Him Set Up Trump-Kaepernick Meeting

Ebro Darden Shuts Down Kanye’s Attempt to Broker a Trump-Kaepernick Meeting

On Monday, Kanye West said he wants to set up a meeting between Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump at the White House. Then he reached out to Ebro Darden for help a day later.

But the Hot 97 host said he wouldn’t assist the rapper at all, because it would only serve Trump and be a photo-op — especially since the midterm elections are just weeks away and Kaepernick would be used to help secure Black votes.

Ebro Darden Refused To Help Kanye West Set Up Meeting Between Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump


“We not doing that,” Darden said he told Kanye.

The radio host then told West that he used the word “we” because there are plenty of people rallying around Kaepernick who won’t let him be harmed or used.

Darden also explained that instead of a meeting, Trump should apologize for all of the negative things he said about Kaepernick — like saying the NFL should fire the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback for kneeling at games and criticizing Nike for working with him in their new ad campaign.

“I was like, ‘The only thing that needs to happen first, Donald Trump should come out and apologize to Colin Kaepernick for trying to come for his job,’” Darden said he explained to Kanye.

“Then maybe he should probably come out and admit that in policing there is a cultural issue and Black and Brown men have been dying,” he added. “And then he should probably apologize for coming after Nike for standing next to Colin Kaepernick.”

At one point during the conversation, West tried to put his father on the phone, but Darden said he wouldn’t speak to him because his father had nothing to do with what they were discussing. West hung up on him after that.

Just days before the GOOD Music boss said he wanted to set up the Trump-Kaepernick meeting, he was seen wearing a MAGA hat and a sweatshirt with Kap’s name on it.

The rapper tweeted that he wants to create a “dialogue not a diatribe” with the meeting, but Darden said Kanye only wants to bring more attention to himself.

“If you want to have a private conversation with somebody, you don’t go tweeting about it first,” said the New York-based host. “You don’t have credibility right now. Not with this stuff. Not what Colin Kaepernick is on. It’s not a game … I don’t think Kanye is being malicious in this scenario, but he’s thinking about himself again. This is all about Kanye.”

“Colin don’t talk [to the media],” he added. “He’s not out here making some sort of media moment. … People love Kaepernick because he’s been his own man.”

You can see Darden talk about the conversation he had with West below.

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