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50 Cent Says He’s Done With Instagram After One of His Posts Gets Removed

50 Cent just may be done with Instagram for good. At least that’s what he claims.

On Wednesday (Oct. 3), the rapper said that one of his posts got removed from the social site, so he’ll no longer be a user. But it’s not clear what he posted that got him in so much trouble.

“I’m done with Instagram,” he wrote. “This sh– is wack.”

50 Cent Quits Instagram


50 then sent a tweet and said he’ll use Twitter to share posts and messages from now on.

“I’m back on Twitter,” he wrote. “F— IG. I’ll post what I want here.”

For years now, 50 has been one of the few rappers who’ve remained relevant without having to release any music, and these days sharing content on social media is a big part of his brand.

For example, if there’s a beef or a major news story, he’ll often share it and provide funny commentary, so some of his fans seemed worried that he’d stop doing that.

“Please go back to IG,” one of them wrote.

“You are the best thing on IG,” wrote another. “When I need comic relief, you never disappoint.”

But as far as quitting Instagram, it’s something that 50 has promised to do before, which was right after he posted a screenshot of singer Teairra Mari’s sex tape.

“Bruh, you always say that,” someone tweeted. “I thought we burned you.”

“Don’t post stupid sh– then you will [be] all good,” another person commented.

50 has already made good use of his Twitter account since leaving Instagram by sending a number of tweets over the last several hours.

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