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Steve Harvey in Hot Water Again After a Reality Star Accuses Show of Discrimination

Steve Harvey is under the microscope again as another person has come forward with accusations against his show.

Danielle Victor of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” is alleging the talk show discriminated against her due to her past on reality TV.

On Thursday, Sept. 27, the TV personality lashed out at the comedian’s FOX daytime talk show, “Steve” for initially scheduling her to appear on a dating segment before ripping the opportunity away from her.

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“I’m posting this because I have to let things off my chest especially about this ‘industry.’ I got approached to do a segment on @iamsteveharveytv about dating because we ALL know I am horrible at it,” the BGC season 8 alum wrote. “I made it to the next round, made a video, made it to the round after that. Now, I never lie to casting about the fact that I did bad girls club and a bunch of spins because it is a part of who I am and the beginning of this journey I started.

“She explained to me that her and the producer loved me but she wasn’t sure how the executive producers would feel about someone from ‘bad girls club’ i asked why?” she continued. “A show doesn’t define who a person is, I am not bad girls club, I am a girl who was on Bad Girls Club. So I just received this email telling me they are going in a different direction aka they think you are trash because of your past putting me in a box I don’t deserve to be in. I grew up watching @iamsteveharveytv I looked at him as an icon and now I don’t know how I feel about him or the people he works for. This isn’t racist but it’s discriminatory, period.”

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Victor, who was booted from the BGC house in 2012 after a physical altercation with four other housemates, noted that she also received the same kind of treatment from ABC’s “The Bachelor” She said she “shed a few tears and screamed after receiving this email because I am SO tired of not getting shots I deserve because of what people think of a title of a show I was on.”

“I am calling out these networks like @abcnetwork @nbcnetwork to stop discriminating against great talent because YOU think we are trash, we are not,” she said. “I am calling out @iamsteveharveytv because you seem like the type of man that wouldn’t stand for this type of behavior even if these people are cutting your checks. You’re for the people right? Well I am your people, so I would like to hear from @iamsteveharveytv himself why exactly I am NOT good enough to share a stage with. I wanted to try and land a seat on #thereal bc again I’d be great for it but I know how that’ll end up…. just like this.”

Harvey has yet to respond to the allegations but many on Instagram have chimed in and they’re not all necessarily siding with Victor.

“It’s not them, it’s you…’re 🚮”

“Says the girl who ate chipotle after fighting on TV”

“@xxodanielle lol funny because she was the biggest lunatic on her season.”

But others were more encouraging.

“Don’t give up. Audition.”

“Hey don’t give up, we believe in you! @xxodanielle.”

“Keep your head high. Learn, and grow. You must be doing something wrong, find it, and FIX it…❤❤❤❤”

Harvey is also fighting lawsuits amid this accusation. His companies were sued in September after an employee claimed she was fired for refusing to engage in sexual encounters with senior-level employees.

And in March, the talk show host was hit with a $5 million lawsuit from the widow of  “What’s Happening” star Fred “Rerun” Berry claiming she was blackballed from the industry.

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