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Kandi Burrus Dogs Porsha Williams’ Fiancé During RHOA Taping

The beef betweeen “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams continues.

RHOA viewers thought the quarrel between Burruss and Williams was over once the ladies started to follow each other on Instagram again. However, it looks like the truce between the two didn’t last long.

During a snippet of the upcoming season of “RHOA,” Burruss and Williams’ short-term friendship seems to come crashing down. Williams announced to her co-stars she was pregnant, and Burruss didn’t seem to happy for the 37-year-old. In another scene, a woman accused Williams’ fiancé Dennis McKinley of dating her friend before hooking up with the mother-to-be. In Burruss’ confessional she replied, “He’s a dog all right.”

Kandi Burruss

(photo credit: OMFG Instagram Page)

Both ladies also got into an explosive confrontation and go toe to toe. The women appeared to be at dinner when Burruss stood up from her seat and yelled at Williams, “You don’t know how to control yourself, that’s the problem.” The mother-to-be responded, “I’m nobody’s victim, b***h.” It seems the co-stars have yet to move past the rape scandal accusations that almost ruined Burruss’ career.

Fans in the Instagram comments section went back and forth as they sided with their preferred “RHOA” castmate.

“The problem is Kandi hates Porsha because of wat Todd said the last time abt Porsha being beautiful n sexy than all of the ladies that is the problem nothing else.”

“She wants what’s best for Porsha. She did the same with Cynthia and Will.”

“Porsha was Phadreas puppet! We all know Phadrea is a lying crooked hypocritical criminal hoodrat thug with zero morals and will service any bum in the backseat.”

“Porsha just trying to steal Kenya’s storyline.”

“Kandi seriously the last person who should be talking about anyone’s man like hers is also not a dog. She’s seriously turned into a bitch. Porsha apologised for Christ sake LET IT GO!”

Burruss and Williams’ friendship ended after Phaedra Parks and Williams accused Burruss and her husband of trying to drug and rape Williams. However, Burruss and the mother-to-be appeared to make amends earlier this year and followed each other back on social media. But the explosive “RHOA” trailer indicates the ladies seem to be back at odds.


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