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Remy Ma Details Struggles to Get Pregnant Again But Fans Instantly Fall In Love with Papoose

Remy Ma and Papoose dropped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote their new show “Meet The Mackies,” and afterward people gushed about their relationship.

Some might say the couple received even more fans since opening up about the miscarriage they suffered and how difficult it’s been to conceive again. 

Right now, the “All The Way Up” rapper is seven months pregnant, and during the interview, Papoose talked about how excited he is — mainly because he waited nearly a decade for Remy to get out of prison.

In 2008 she was convicted of shooting one of her friends over $3,000.

“I had to wait seven and a half years for her to come home to have this baby,” said Papoose. “Then when she came home she had to get to work. She finally got pregnant and then she had a miscarriage. … It’s a special moment for me, because it’s a miracle baby, because we been through so much to have this child and finally it’s happening.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Remy talked about how losing weight was a crucial part of getting pregnant and how she had to keep her weight down by eating differently.

“I lost a lot of weight prior to getting pregnant, so I can have a successful pregnancy,” she explained. “So I had to keep my weight down and keep it stable for about a year … I stopped eating meat, I stopped eating carbs, cut out sugars.”

Remy then said she had to get IVF injections in her stomach three times a day, everyday and had to take a lot of medication during that time.

Then after that, the “Lean Back” rhymer had to get shots in her buttocks for two months straight, which Papoose initially helped with. That was until he started drawing too much blood, so Remy had to get someone else.

Not only that, in order to see the doctor, Remy and Pap had to take a two hour drive every other day, so Remy could get blood drawn. They even had to make the trip on holidays like New Year’s Eve, because appointments couldn’t be missed.

After the interview surfaced, people said all kinds of nice things about their union.

“For some reason these two just make me happy to be Black even more,” one person wrote. “I’m happy asf for them. Remy always looking like a beautiful Black Queen.”

“I love their chemistry,” another person commented. “They not only love each other, but they actually like each other. You can see how playful and supportive they are together. Salute and blessing to them.”

There were also some women who praised Papoose for his devotion to the Bronx rapper and said they want someone just like him.

“I need a Papoose in my life,” one person wrote. “I know he’s out there.”

“Pap is a real one,” wrote another. “OMG. He’s such a calm and normal human. They better stay together.”

“Every Black man needs a Remy and every Black woman needs a strong goofy Pap,” a third person commented. “Black love for life.”

“Remy & Papoose: Meet The Mackies” premieres on Monday, Oct. 1, at 9 p.m. EDT. Readers can watch the couple’s full interview below.

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