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Abby Huntsman’s Seemingly Sympathetic Tweet Toward Kavanaugh Doesn’t Blow Over Well with Fans

“The View’s” Abby Huntsman drew the ire of Twitter users Thursday when she seemingly tweeted in support of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, becoming hysterical at some points as senators grilled him about the sexual assault allegations against him. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a college psychology professor, also gave an emotional testimony, detailing the night she claims Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party.

“This whole thing is heart wrenching,” Huntsman tweeted about the hearing.

Abby Huntsman

Abby Huntsman previously expressed sympathy for Christine Ford, but blamed Democrats for the sexual scandal involving SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. (The View/video screenshot)

Her seemingly sympathetic tweet wasn’t well received, however.

Brett Kavanaugh “is indignant because he, like many men, don’t believe they should be held accountable for sexual misconduct,” one critic tweeted. “It’s not a big deal to him — but poor people who smoke pot should spend decades in prison? Wake up sis.”

“His fake tears don’t move me,” wrote another, referring to the moment the judge became emotional. “And I don’t believe the ‘virgin’ version.”

One critic said plainly “I don’t like him at all,” while another deemed Kavanaugh “totally unfit to be a judge.”

“He has no control and clearly wouldn’t look at both sides,” they added.

Earlier this month, Huntsman expressed sympathy for Dr. Ford but accused Democrats of trying to undermine Republicans by leaking her allegations against Kavanaugh.

“I feel for her in this moment because she’s obviously kept this with her if this is all true for almost 37 years now,” Huntsman said on “The View.”

“[Sen.] Dianne Feinstein had this letter where this woman anonymously details what she went through,” she added. “It seems as if the Democrats put this in a drawer and said ‘this is big, and this is going to benefit us if we use the time perfectly.’”

She was quickly shut down by her co-hosts, who pointed out that there was no evidence that Dems were the ones who leaked it.

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