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50 Cent Gloats Over Major Deal, Says Don’t Compare Him to Bow Wow

Get the strap.

It’s a phrase that 50 Cent has been saying for several months, and now he’s cashed in on it.

50 Cent Signs Major Deal for Get The Strap Phrase


In a recent tweet, the G-Unit rapper said that he signed a deal with Bellator MMA, and they’ll start using the words on new apparel.

50 also responded to those who said he was lying about licensing the phrase and that his success is exaggerated.

“Oh, so y’all thought l was on some Bow Wow challenge sh–?” he wrote. “Go ‘head, keep acting like l ain’t who l am.”

The Bow Wow reference has to do with the former child rapper lying about being on a private jet last year, which turned into the #BowWowChallenge. The idea of the gag was for people to be dishonest about how great their life is by posting a misleading photo.

After 50 shared the news of his deal, a lot of people said they’re impressed with his business acumen.

“@50cent hasn’t took an L since he got shot nine times,” one person tweeted. “Now that’s hip-hop.”

“My king @50cent, I’ve never doubted you ever ‘cause I believe in you,” another person wrote. “Let these fools talk and think what they want. I know you always make things happen. One day at a time. I love you my king. I’m very proud of you.”

Although 50 made money off “Get the strap,” it was actually started by New York rapper Hell Rell, who said it when he threatened him. It was right after Rell was seen getting beat up on video, and 50 poked fun at him. The phrase actually means “get the gun” in slang terms, depending on where you are in the United States.

“You go 50,” another person tweeted. “Handle your business and use your haters as your footstool.”

“I think when 50 says he wants to do something, I don’t think he will go to the end of the earth to lie about it,” someone else tweeted. “He made his reputation proving people wrong.”

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