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Amber Rose Backpedals After Comedian Jess Hilarious and Others Slam Her for Wishing Death on Bill Cosby

Amber Rose is one of the latest celebrities to weigh in on Bill Cosby receiving a three to 10 year prison sentence for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand 14 years ago. 

In her post, Rose stated that she has no sympathy for the disgraced comedian and even wished death upon him.

Jess Hilarious Blasts Amber Rose for Wishing Death on Bill Cosby


“Man, f–k the fact that he’s old, and f–k the fact that he was on TV. He is a sexual predator,” she wrote.

“So y’all are going to sit here and tell me that all of these women are lying? FOH. If Bill Cosby raped and drugged any of you women [or] men that I’ve been seeing on the Internet standing up for this rapist or your mamas, you would be scared to say something too, because you would assume that no one would believe you.”

“We should be praising these women for showing us exactly who he is,” added Rose. “I hope he doesn’t die in jail, I hope he does the full 10 years and then dies the day he gets out. Justice is finally served. Shame the rapist not the survivors.”

A lot of people blasted Rose for wishing death on Cosby, namely the comedian Jess Hilarious who responded by video. 

“Amber Rose, bitch, what type of f—-ing f—ed up individual are you?” she asked. “You wish death on a n—-? Like, alright, that’s why he’s getting jail time, so he can pay for what the f–k he did.”

“You’re a f——-g idiot for that,” Jess added. “I understand you standing up for women like you always want to do, but this so called moment that you trying to have, bitch, you f—ed it all when you wished death on that man after he do 10 years. You sound stupid.”

The comedian isn’t the only person who had harsh words for Rose, many of her followers blasted her as well.”

“Amber go back to the pole,” one person wrote.

“Amber claims she’s white, so I expect this,” wrote another.

Since the backlash, Rose removed the part of her post about wanting Cosby to die, and Jess hasn’t commented any further.

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