‘LHH’ Star Erica Mena Changes Caption After Fans Blast Her for Thinking She Looks Younger Than Her Age

“Love and Hip Hop” star Erica Mena was feeling herself Saturday night, and to fans she wildly misjudges her good looks. Mena shared on her Twitter a photo of herself wearing a haltered sweater crop top with high-waisted white pants. The picture was captioned: “30 looking 20.”

Erica Mena

Fans felt the need to let the reality star know that she is beautiful but her view of herself is flawed.

“She’s is amazingly beautiful don’t get me wrong. But she looks way more mature than 30 I honestly thought she was older than me.”

“I agree not hating because she looks amazing but not 20, she looks mature or shall I say her age and thats a great thing. Keep glowing Erica!”

“I mean Idk how old you think 30 year olds look but you def don’t look 20. You def look 30.”

“Sis you look good. Not 20 though”

Other fans let Mena know that she is beautiful and should accept her age.

“Why you wanna be younger, OWN 30, you Beautiful as they come!”

“Not true 20 looks rookie u look seasoned guys can definitely tell when a woman younger or older”

“She should have just said “30 feeling 20””

Fans really had to check Mena this past weekend and the reality starhas now changed the caption to: “Looking better everyday, you got that Benjamin Button 😉.”  This isn’t the first time Mena has put her foot in her mouth, a few weeks ago she found herself in a serious celebrity hip-hop beef. Earlier this month rap artists Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into an altercation at an NYFW after-party. The altercation ended with Cardi throwing a shoe at Minaj and the Bronx rapper going home with a knot on her head.

Mena made a shady post on her Instagram about her inspirational artists and didn’t include Minaj. When a fan asked why the Queens rapper wasn’t included, she responded “who?” The implication was that Minaj is not relevant.

Erica Mena



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