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D.L. Hughley Prompts Debate About Bill Cosby’s Sentencing with ‘#Justice is for #JustUs’ Hashtag

Based on the social media responses, people are still dealing with the fact that Bill Cosby received a 3 to 10 years prison sentence after being found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

Some believe the 81-year-old deserved exactly what he got, while others said he’s a victim of racial injustice.

One person who believes race played a large part in the judge’s decision is D.L. Hughley, who created the hashtag #Justice is for #JustUs.

He also shared a recent news story of a Texas doctor named Shafeeq Sheikh, who was found guilty of raping one of his patients while she was sedated.

In the end, the doctor received no prison time, even though the rape charge carried a 20-year prison sentence. He was given 10 years of probation instead.

“Unbelievable but not surprised,” one person wrote under Hughley’s post. “And things are supposed to be better for Black people compared to the past. Yeah right.”

“This is exactly the reason Donald Trump got elected and was not held accountable for his bad actions all those years in NYC, the reason [Brett] Kavanaugh will sit on the Supreme Court bench,” another person tweeted. “White, rich men. Ridiculous and shameful to know white men have such disrespect toward women.”

Meanwhile, others, like Funkmaster Flex, said Cosby got off light considering what he was convicted of.

He also noted that Cosby’s case isn’t a part of the accusations that came during the #MeToo movement, which is accurate since the comedian’s first accuser spoke out in 2014, three years before the #MeToo movement went viral.

But on Hughley’s Facebook page, people said the men accused in the #MeToo movement should face the same brand of justice as Cosby.

“This is sad,” someone wrote. “So when is all the others going to jail? Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Sheen? Oh that’s right, they’re white. They got the complexion for the connection.”

“I’m not excusing his behavior,” another person chimed in. “If he is truly guilty repent unto God … I pray for their healing, but the punishment for crime appears to be color diversity. Even the man in the high office has not been given his sentence. Race matters in everything unfortunately.”

But others said Skeikh, the men who allegedly assaulted the #MeToo accusers and Cosby are all the same and deserve similar punishment.

“It would be unfair if he did not pay for his crime,” one person wrote. “The others need to go to prison too. If the others do not go it would be sad. Cosby knows the system and he enjoyed harming those [women].”

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