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Cynthia Bailey Shows Off Her Figure In Revealing New Selfie

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey has been focusing on her business and her man as of late, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some time to stunt on her followers and show off some of her ageless beauty.

While apparently taking a break from a collaboration with Seagram’s Escapes Monday, Sept. 24, Bailey decided to strike a pose and upload the busty shot on Instagram.

Wearing what appears to be a bikini top, Bailey showed off her girls for the mysterious project, which she hasn’t yet shared.

“@segramsescapes,” she simply captioned the post.

cynthia bailey


Fans quickly went wild over what they saw.

“She looks a-f—in-mazing!💯🔥❤️ @cynthiabailey10”

“You have been giving me all kinda LIFE with these photos lately! 😍😍”

“You up too something… and I know whatever it is YOU GONE KILL IT.. so I’ll just sit back and wait Chile 💕🤣🤣🤣”

One attributed the confidence to her new love life with Mike Hill.

“Never saw you post so many selfies like you do lately. Love changes people. Soak in it my girl. I always feel so pretty when am in love. 😍”

And several others were stunned about how the 51-year-old model was aging in reverse.

“Sooo beautiful and young looking I really think you aging backwards 😍😍😍😍😍”

“Who in the mf hello damn well obviously I’m speechless years younger by the min @cynthiabailey10 ”

“Gorgeous you’re aging backwards!!💕❤️”

Bailey announced in August that she’d be collaborating with Seagrams to develop flavors for its Escapes wine cooler line.

“Think I am a natural at my new job tasting delicious @seagramsescapes flavors all day😂
I came up with a yummy combination for my signature flavor that you guys are going to love. Can’t wait for y’all to taste it😋 #yeslabcoat #seagramsescapes #comingsoon @thebaileywinecellar,” Bailey wrote in a video of her taste testing the flavors.


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